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Res Rd 4 Res vs WWT u18 vs WWT u16 vs WWT

PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:09 am
by Speedy Tigers!
Glenelg V WWT
Sunday April 22nd, Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval, 11:30 am

Nick Amato Harrison Boyle Cam Buchanan
Patrick Clark Brad Close Tom Corcoran
Tobin Cox Sean Davidson Sam Davis
Lachlan Earl Tom Feely Bailey Jordan
Seb Kerrish Tim Mackenzie Brad Noble
Ruck - Henry Papatolis, Damon Robinson, Todd Slade

Interchange - Derick Wanganeen, Bryce Woolard, Jack Yates

In - N/A

Out - N/A

Glenelg V Eagles
Sunday April 22nd, Gliderol Stadium, 11:30 am

D Carmody L Di Sotto A Corso
L Edwards D Le Cornu W Schreiber
T McDermott S Schreiber W McMurray
L Wisdom W Gould F Betterman
T Dowdell D Strickland O Lovelock
Ruck - T Jones, B Searle, B Potter

Interchange - N Jones, L Bonutto, J Holyoak, S Liambis

In - N/A

Out - N/A

Glenelg V Eagles
Sunday April 22nd, Gliderol Stadium, 9:15 am

O Moore E Baroudi M Coorey
G Driver E Draper R Drum
J Emery C Horsnell F Morgan
B Carmody J Salisbury D Trembath
J Boag J Hunter W Ward
Ruck - M Fitzgerald, X Robins, K Dean

Interchange - K Fountas, C Norman, B Treagus, H Dunkin

In - N/A

Out - N/A

Re: Res Rd 4 Res vs WWT u18 vs WWT u16 vs WWT

PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2018 7:08 pm
by Speedy Tigers!
Reserves had a good win

Glenelg 13.10.88
WWT 13.8.86

Goal Kickers

N Amato (4)
D Wanganeen (2)
C Buchanan
B Close
T Cox
S Davis
S Kerrish
D Robinson
B Woolard

stats ... 2018-10453


wwt 15.10.100
Glenelg 11.7.73

Goal Kickers
D Le Cornu (3)
L Bonutto (2)
O Lovelock (2)
L Di Sotto
T Jones
B Potter
D Strickland ... 2018-10454


WWT 17.12.114
Glenelg 6.8.44

Goal Kickers
E Baroudi
B Carmody
K Dean
O Moore
X Robins
W Ward ... 2018-10455

Re: Res Rd 4 Res vs WWT u18 vs WWT u16 vs WWT

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2018 8:21 am
by Speedy Tigers!
from the members report

Glenelg 13.10.88
Eagles 13.8.86
Goals: N Amato 4, D Wanganeen 2, B Woolard, C Buchanan, D Robinson, T Cox, S Davis, S Kerrish, B Close
Our key focus against the Eagles Round 4 was team defence. We wanted to bounce off that and create offensive opportunities as a result of playing as a strong defensive unit.
It was a game of lead changes from both sides with blocks of goals being kicked by both sides. At times when we had the ball we looked dangerous and like a well drilled side and then at other times we lacked composure with the footy and turned it over with minimal resistance allowing the Eagles to score numerous times. Going into the last quarter 11 points behind we wanted to grind the game out.
It was pleasing to finish off strong with a 5 goal last quarter where for the majority we controlled the ball and moved it the way we want to. Those goals in the 4th quarter set us up to sneak home by 2 points. We come up against Centrals this week in what presents as another challenge that we look forward to.