Under 19's stats

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Under 19's stats

Postby Speedy Tigers! » Wed May 16, 2007 4:53 pm


1 Jethro Calma-Holt Sturt 10
2 Samuel Mardling Port Adelaide Magpies 7
3 Dylan Dunn Port Adelaide Magpies 6
T4 Matt Downie Sturt 5
T4 Peter Weir Sturt 5
6 Matt-Taylor Barrie Glenelg 4
T7 James Hughes Sturt 3
T7 Hayden Warren North Adelaide 3
T7 Jordan Erskine Port Adelaide Magpies 3
T7 Jonathon Beech West Adelaide 3
T7 Dylan Jessen Central District 3
T7 Thomas Dunne Central District 3
T7 Jarryd Cole Central District 3

Best players

T1 Grady Obst Glenelg 6
T1 Carl Mickan Eagles 6
T1 Travis Uern North Adelaide 6
T1 Michael Leonard Sturt 6
T1 Scott Pogorecki West Adelaide 6
T1 Timothy Walsh Port Adelaide Magpies 6
T1 Matt Pisani Norwood 6
T1 Seth Matson Central District 6
T9 Joel Albrechtsen Glenelg 5
T9 Mark Cocchiaro Eagles 5
T9 James Wundke North Adelaide 5
T9 George Thring Sturt 5
T9 James Vanderhaak West Adelaide 5
T9 Dylan Dunn Port Adelaide Magpies 5
T9 Jason Blakemore Central District 5
T9 Jack Bampton Norwood 5
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