2021 u17 state squad

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2021 u17 state squad

Postby Speedy Tigers! » Thu May 20, 2021 2:11 pm

2021 Torrens University SA U17 Squad
Jayden Matz Central 195cm 78kg
Trent Tattoli Central 179cm 62kg
Brodie Tuck Central 193cm 90kg
Austin McDonald Central 179cm 75kg
Finn Reed Central 182cm 68kg
Tyson Linke Central 190cm 79kg
Archie Lovelock Glenelg 177cm 69kg
Ben Ridgway Glenelg 186cm 79kg
Jakob Ryan Glenelg 188cm 72kg
Lachlan Scannell Glenelg 184cm 70kg
Ashton Moir Glenelg 185cm 75kg
Hayden Brokensha Glenelg 177cm 71kg

Shaun Bennier North 190cm 87kg
Max Blacker North 169cm 61kg
Luke Harvey North 190cm 76kg
Isaac Keeler North 197cm 83kg
Kane McAuliffe North 181cm 87kg
Kelsey Rypstra North 171cm 64kg
Angus Tully North 178cm 61kg
Max Michalanney Norwood 190cm 73kg
Taj Rahui Norwood 173cm 63kg
Tyson Walls Norwood 171cm 67kg
Damon Pitt Norwood 194cm 82kg
Riley Verrall Norwood 182cm 71kg
Noah Hyde Norwood 175cm 69kg
Jack Delean South 179cm 65kg
Jaiden Magor South 185cm 77kg
Will Verrall South 200cm 92kg
Tom Wheaton South 185cm 83kg
Koby COCKS South 195cm 90kg
Kyle Marshall South 198cm 77kg
Tom Schirmer South 194cm 99kg
Nick Sadler Sturt 179cm 66kg
Luca Slade Sturt 179cm 64kg
Patty Tidemann Sturt 169cm 55kg
Harry Barnett West 202cm 93kg
Max Downs West 180cm 67kg
Harry Lemmey West 199cm 93kg
Will Patton West 193cm 71kg
Kobe Ryan West 182cm 68kg
Tyson Coe West 181cm 81kg
Tom Scully West 201cm 83kg
Oscar Talbot West 191cm 73kg
Adam D'Aloia Woodville-West Torrens 184cm 84kg
Jedd Thomson Woodville-West Torrens 177cm 63kg
Hunter Carter Woodville-West Torrens 182cm 79kg
Blake Hansen Woodville-West Torrens 178cm 65kg
Matteus Phillipou Woodville-West Torrens 188cm 79kg
Oscar Pearce Woodville-West Torrens 194cm 73kg
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